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Pastors Letter 2015

By January 2, 2015Pastors Letters

Pastors Letter 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ there are few important things that I would like to communicate to you for information, prayer, consideration and action.

Christmas Food and Toys

Thank you everyone who helped with the Food and Toy Project. People’s generosity and acts of kindness provided food for over 500 people and brand new toys for over 276 children. Our Redditch community has been truly blessed by this.

Corporate study on James

On Sunday mornings we are going to be studying the book of James in a 14 part series.


1 Introduction
2 James 1:1-12
3 James 1:13-18
4 James 1:19-27
5 James 2:1-13
6 James 2:14-26
7 James 3:1-12
8 James 3:13-18
9 James 4:1-10
10 James 4:11-17
11 James 5:1-6
12 James 5:7-12
13 James 5:13-18
14 James 5:19-20

Please make it a priority to take time to personally study this amazing book. Sermons will be available on the website.

We will then continue with an eight part series of 2 Peter after the summer holidays.


Supporting Elim Missions

Throughout January there will be the opportunity to support Elim Missions by buying various items provided by Elim Missions. All these proceeds will go to helping people rebuild their lives in other countries.

There are also Elim Missions globes that can be brought in on the first Sunday of the month and placed in the missions bucket. We encourage every household to have one. Please ask John Hill for one if you don’t have one already.


Stratford Upon Avon

David Cunliffe the Elder at SuA has asked our regional leader Gordon Neale if Oasis Christian Centre can once again take Pastoral responsibility for the church.

From the 11th of January I will become the official senior pastor to support John and Cara who will be leading the church. There will be no change to my ministry as Senior Pastor at Redditch

John Martin is currently studying Theology at the Elim Bible College as well as working for Elim Missions and will be applying to become an Elim Pastor.

Please pray for them as a family as they transition into this ministry and pray for SuA in this new season for them.

It would be good if at times you are able to support John, Cara and SuA.  Please let John or myself know. The Sunday service is at 4:00pm – 5:30pm.


Home Groups

We will continue to study the book of Mark and use the material by Keith Warrington.

We will need another house group leader and venue on a Wednesday night. If you would like to be considered for this then please let me know.


Elim Celebrates 100 years

Elim celebrates its 100th anniversary on January 7th 2015. On this day all Elim ministers will attend a special service at Birmingham Christian Centre where we will meet at the beginning of the year to rededicate our lives and ministries to God.  Please will you take time to pray for us. I would personally value your prayers for me as we enter this amazing season in history.

On September the 19th we will be joining with other Elim Churches in our region in a special centenary celebration service in Birmingham. Please put this in your diary today. We will be hiring a coach that will be free of charge to you. However advance booking will be £5.00 per head to help finance the day as Elim will be hiring the Town Hall that holds1200 people. There will be special events for the children and youth as well.  If you would like to volunteer to take bookings for this then please see me as soon as possible.


Stay and Play

One Saturday every month we a stay and play event for parents with young children. This is an opportunity for the children to play together and for the parents to support each other in the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood.

The next one will be held on Saturday the 10th of January, 10:00am till noon at OCC.



The building work should commence in the first quarter of this year. We have experienced some delays waiting for permissions and various reports but God willing before Christmas we should be in our new building.

Our next financial milestone is that we would like to raise another £20,000 by the end of March and a further £30,000 by the end of July. This will enable us to have nearly two years mortgage payments once the building is complete. Please join with us in prayer. Thank you again for all your sacrificial giving so far.

It is vitally important now that we pray, fellowship and work closely together to nurture unity. We cannot allow the enemy to destroy, steal or rob us of what we have waited for, for so long. I want to ask every person to:

Get to know at least seven people at OCC and have regular fellowship together.

Look out for new people, make them feel welcome, valued and wanted.  Look out for those who miss fellowshipping with us and make contact with them.

Pray, meet for prayer with us and with others as often as you can. We cannot underestimate the power and necessity of prayer.


Every Blessing

Pastor Robin

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