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Pastoral care

“Love must be sincere – Romans 12:9-16”

Jesus taught that we should love and serve one another, and Paul states in Romans that we should be “devoted to one another in brotherly love.” While as a church we encourage ‘every member ministry’, we have developed a pastoral team who are available to help in practical, emotional and spiritual ways, through good times and tough times.

In all that we do as a pastoral team, we seek to do it in love and in sincerity. The traditional view of pastoral care is a home or hospital visit from the Pastor or member of the Pastoral Care Team when there are concerns or health problems. However, at Oasis Christian Centre, we believe pastoral care is so much more than this. Pastoral care to us is building relationships and making connections with people. It’s about encouraging each other and modelling what Paul teaches in Romans 12. Therefore, as a team, we see our role as not just home visits or a telephone call but as building genuine relationships and concern for each other, both in the Church and social setting. We want to “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn”, getting alongside others in both good times and bad. It’s about building trust and dialogue both ways.

Keeping connected can include meeting for coffee or making use of what modern day communication offers us, keeping in mind the need for confidentiality, as well as the traditional home or hospital visit and the offer of appropriate practical help.

As a team we are also committed to meeting together, supporting one another and to ongoing training.

Esther Baker

Pastoral Worker

If you have any issues please email Esther on

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