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Knowing Jesus intimately through prayer is as important as breathing, as we daily seek His wisdom in every decision made or simply by giving thanks in prayer. We don’t approach God like a spoiled child, focusing on our own needs alone, but we go to Him like a loving child who knows their Father’s heart and so asks Him in assurance that the request shall be answered in loving kindness as we ask in His will. The wonderful thing that happens as we pray is that God not only hears, but He helps us to think like He does. Praying for others helps us to think beyond ourselves and to grow in compassion for others.


Tuesday Morning Prayer

All are welcome to join in for a special time of engaging with God in prayer every Tuesday morning from 7.30am to 9.00am in The Reeves’ Room at Oasis Christian Centre.


Oasis Wide Prayer

Prayer is available during or after all meetings. If you would like prayer outside of these times or would like to be on the list to pray for other people, please either send an email to or call the Church Office on 01527 585926.

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