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Prayer Triplets

By Mens Ministry

Have you committed to a prayer triplet yet?

Being a member of a prayer triplet is a helpful way to gain support and accountability from each other.

We want to encourage you and the other men of Oasis Christian Centre (OCC) Redditch to meet together in these Triplet Groups – why?

So that you can pray regularly for the good things we long to see God do, and to give thanks for what we see Him doing. So that you can pray for each other in areas of weakness or trouble. So that you can regularly pray for people you know who don’t know Jesus. Prayer triplets can meet before or after work once a fortnight, for a short period of time as agreed by the members of the triplet.

The whole idea has Matthew 18:19-20 as a basis: “Again I say unto you that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My Name there am I in the midst of them.” Jesus encourages us here that when we meet as two or three believers to pray together about matters of importance.

The Original Prayer Triplet?

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were friends who prayed. These three lived as a prayer team and they trusted God with their very lives. Were they the original Prayer Triplet? (Their story is told in Daniel 3:1-30) Their loyalty to God was directly challenged to the point of a fiery death. Though faced with a furnace of punishment, this Prayer Triplet remained true. They made it clear that obeying God was even more important than being rescued from the flames. Jesus was with them in the fiery furnace. Your Prayer Triplet may not face the same level of pressure to disobey God, but pressure will come. It may be as subtle as time pressure or peer pressure.

Remember the strength of being in a triplet is Matthew 18:19-20.


Prayer Triplet Strategy In summary, this involves three Christian men getting together at least every 2 weeks for about 30 minutes. Each man is asked to pray daily for one another. Each man is asked to pray daily for three non-Christian friends. When you meet: Each man is asked to worship the Lord; just tell the Lord how great He is. Keep it simple:

  • Use a song or psalm you know.
  • Thank Him that He gives you the victory.
  • Thank Him for all He means to you.

Each man is asked to pray for the others, asking God to help them become more like Jesus. Ask that God would meet their specific needs, and ask God to make each a witness for Jesus Christ. Share any other specific requests then pray for each other. Each man is asked to “touch base” with the other men to share how their 3 non-Christian friends are going spiritually. Following the sharing time they pray together specifically for the men they are seeking to see come to faith.

This prayer should “target” issues the non-Christian man is facing.
This prayer should ask for opportunities to share faith with these men in a real, relevant and effective way.

As God answers specific prayer this really builds the faith of the Christians and when the non-Christian man comes to Christ and hears of the role prayer played, he gets excited about prayer and involved in praying for his non-Christian friends.

Finally, each man is asked to pray for spiritual awakening. The whole group should pray for a greater openness toward God:

  • For those in your family.
  • For those in your workplace.
  • For those in town.
  • For those in your nation and throughout the world.

When the 3 of you meet together to pray, you are asking God to change your lives and the lives of 9 of your friends. If that happens you will have the beginning of a spiritual revolution on your lives.

Will you take the challenge?

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