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…Behold, I will lay your stones with colourful gems, and lay your foundations with sapphires. I will make your pinnacles of rubies, your gates of crystal, and all your walls of precious stones. – Isaiah 54:12

Daughters Arise

The vision for the Ladies Ministry is to bring friendship, healing, encouragement and spiritual growth to all women within the fellowship through meeting together, prayer and in the teaching of God’s word.

We believe that we are daughters of the living God and, as such, He wants the best for us and to build us up as women to our full potential. God does not see us as we or the world sees us. We believe He wants to lay good foundations in us and cause us to shine like the precious stones we were always meant to be. Come along and be blessed.

Meetings run periodically, usually on a Saturday morning, with tea, coffee and cakes – the latter being an essential part of all our meetings!  The emphasis is on ‘a time to relax’ from all our busy schedules, whether we are young mums or working women (or young working mums) or retired ladies still busy with caring for families. Meetings are an opportunity not only to relax and make friends, but also to receive prayer and support, to share what God is doing in our lives and to receive some bible teaching. Other events are also planned such as attending women’s conferences and organised retreat days.

Meets in the Church of community every couple of months

See calendar for upcoming events

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