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    We have reached our first fundraising target but will still need to raise more finance due to the current financial market.

    We are currently looking at either building on our site or looking to purchase a second building.

    So far in our building appeal £267,210

    Figures true as of February 2013.

    Help us to reach our goal.
    We have loads of ways you can help us get there. As well as our regular fundraising events here are 5 ways you can help.

    Buy A Brick

    Why not buy a brick for our new building. Instead of buying a present for someone that will be never used, why not give something with lasting value. Each brick costs £5 , we will give you a certificate for you to give to the recipient so they know they are a part of building this church.

    You can give the church an interest free loan. If you have amounts of £2500, £5000 or more that you could lend Oasis we can guarantee that loan is secure and conditions of repayment can be agreed.

    You may feel you would like to leave some money to the church as a part of your will.

    Monthly Donations
    Could you commit to giving to our building project on a regular monthly basis? If 160 people gave £5 per month we would raise £9,600 per year.

    If you feel you would be able to give an amount each month, or if you’d like to help in any other way, then please contact us.

    Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donations! For every £1 you donate, the government give us an extra 25p.

    Information cooming soon!

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